Friday, 5 August 2011

Arevolution and Avant Garde Cupcakes!

Well another day in the life with Hannah's Buns.  I had a very busy day yesterday making Cupcakes for the blissful beauty salon Arevolution in Haverhill. I delivered this morning 12 beautiful lemon Cupcakes made from my own recipe with homemade lemon peel and hand painted beauty designs. Also I made the stylish Avant Garde hairdressers Cupcakes to give to there clients. They were given 12 Grey Cupcakes with their own exclusive logo and hand made black glitter roses.  To see the pictures please have a look at my facebook page. Also I'm on Twitter and You Tube.  You will also be able to find me on the lovely Sarah Gibbs blog Finishing Touch Interiors.  That's it for now, pastry chef signing out :)

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