Friday, 26 August 2011

Cupcake Friday and Market Stall!

Sorry haven't blogged for a while been so busy! Last Saturday I did a stall down the Haverhill market which was great! Starting to get my name out there to people and making them aware of Hannah's Buns. I made Gingerbread Men, Chelsea Buns, Chocolate Brownies, Rocky Road, Cupcakes, Carrot Cake and much more.  I've had a few family birthdays too so been busy with them as well. Today was Cupcake Friday in Haverhill at Avant Garde and A revolution and they loved their delights.  Chocolate Cupcakes with homemade Marshmallow fluff and Chocolate butter cream roses. The Chocolate butter cream recipe followers and I hope you enjoy it! :) That's all for now please have a look at my website new photos and recipes on there too.   Thanks for reading!

175g Dark Chocolate
250g butter (softened)
275g Icing sugar (Sifted)
1 tablespoons Vanilla extract

*Melt the Chocolate on low heat

*Beat the butter and Icing sugar till smooth slowly add the melted chocolate.

*Stir and add the vanilla Done! :)

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