Monday, 31 October 2011

Make it Monday with Hannah's Buns Sea Salt.

Hi Guys, Make it Monday today is going to be Sea Salt. I have never made this before so as I was in Cornwall a few weeks ago I collected some sea water. I wasn't able to get much as my car boot would not allow it but some is better than none. I have heard it is easy to make and I will give you the instructions which is not much and I will show you my pictures tomorrow as it needs time to dry out. Thank for reading :)

Sea Salt

Collect Sea water (the cleaner the sea the better)
Pour into a pot through a cheesecloth.
Bring the pan to a boil and reduce the water till there is only a little left. (Don't boil till its dry as you might burn the salt and your pan)
Leave in a warm oven over night. Then your salt is ready to be used or you can add herbs and spices to it. Great as Christmas presents for keen cooks.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hannah's Buns Scary cupcakes!

Hey Guys, Halloween is approaching fast and I wanted to share with you my Halloween treats. I have made Many different cakes for you to see. I am also sharing a recipe with you for edible blood which I have filled some of my cupcakes with.  I went for  simple but tasty vanilla cupcakes and went all out on the designs. I didn't want to be like others a bit of orange butter cream and a plastic bat. I wanted them to be special and to show you what I can do and I hope these cakes will please and scare you a Little :) Thanks for taking a look, and Happy Halloween x

Edible Blood

1 cup of Corn Syrup
1 tsp Cocoa Powder
Red food dye

Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl thats it. It tastes great and looks pretty gross!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hannah's Buns Makes Playdough

Yes its true I made play dough! The children had been asking me since going to my sister's yesterday. She is always making different things with her children and she gave me the recipe for play dough and as it still involves cooking I gave it a go. Also It's half term and it's a great thing to keep the kids busy for a while :) It's really easy to make and a lot cheaper than going to the shops and buying it. I have shared the recipe with you guys in case you are taring your hair out by now not knowing what to do with your children this holiday :) Hope you like the pictures and give the recipe a go.

Play Dough recipe
1 cup Plain flour
1 cup Water
Half cup of salt
1 tbsp oil
1tbsp Cream of tartar

Mix all ingredients in a bowl with whisk so no lumps (Add food colour at this point)
Then place all in a pan on a medium heat until it all come together and drys out.
(Be careful not to burn the dough)
That's it all done.

Cover with cling film to stop drying out.

Hope you enjoy and most of all hope it helps entertain the children for a while :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Hannah's Buns Dusty Pink Chocolate Cupcakes

OK, I wanted to try something a little different pink chocolate cakes. They are not bright pink so don't get too excited more a dusty pink colour. I covered them with my well love chocolate butter cream and as these cakes were for the salons,  I have made some pretty flowers and handbags to go on top. Thanks for reading and i hope my blog can inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook too :)

Hannah's Buns Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Hi Guys, These amazing cakes are not the easiest things to make to be honest. I make a simple cake batter and add lemon zest to it. ( not too hard i hear you say) Then once they are cooked and cooled I cut a hole in the middle and pipe in the lemon curd. Then comes the tricky bit making the set meringue frosting. You basically whisk up your egg whites make a thick stock syrup add this to the egg whites then cook off for about 10 minutes. If the mixture is not cooked enough if will run and you won't be able to pipe. Cook for too long and the mixture sets in the bowl. Also you have to work quick when piping as its sets rather fast and rather hot to work with. Once I had piped on the cakes I scattered on some lemon zest just to add a little more citrus to the mix. Hope you like :) Thanks again for reading.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Hannah's buns Birthday Cake with trainee chef Georgia Jones

Today I made a birthday cake for my mother in law with my beautiful daughter and trainee cake decorator Georgia Jones 8 years old. Georgia is extremely artistic and she come up with this design herself. I made the cake and covered it with fondant but she done the flowers and the white beads. Well done Georgia, mummy's very proud of you. Hope you like mother and daughters joint effort :) Thanks for reading x

Friday, 21 October 2011

Hannah's Buns Christmas Cupcakes

I was asked by a friend to make some themed Cupcakes for a Christmas shopping event that she was hosting at her house. The event was to launch her new business Online Homewares Boutique. I wanted to do something really special and original for her. So here they are and I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures as much as I enjoyed making them.

Sarah's Website is

60th Birthday Cake

Hey Peeps, Today I have made a wonderful Birthday cake. I was asked by a friend to make this cake for her mothers 60th  birthday. She told me her mother loves gerberas and she wanted something eligant but also bright and colourful. The cake is a vanilla sponge with my homeamade strawberry jam and my special vanilla buttercream. Topped with rolled fondant icing and royal icing beads and the colourful gerberas. Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hannah's Buns cheese pastry

Well I hope you have seen my You Tube video Cheese pastry if not please have a look after reading my blog. I have attached it to this post  for you to watch. This cheese pastry is wonderful I discovered it in a book my partner had bought me and I use it a lot when making savoury tarts.  I have shared the recipe with you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you for reading and don't forget to watch the video :)

Cheese pastry recipe

120g Plain Flour
60g Butter
25g Grated cheese
A pinch of salt
A little nutmeg
2 large egg yolks
Half the white from one egg

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

National Baking Week! Blackcurrant and Port Bakewell Tart.

OK guys, Its day 3 on Hannah's Buns does National Baking week.  Today I have made a beautiful Bakewell Tart.  Last weekend I was in the amazing county of Cornwall. I love the place so much it has to be the best place I have ever been.  While we were there we went to a Cider farm we got to look around their apple orchard which was fascinating and they showed us how they pressed the apples now and how they would have done it years ago. It was very interesting while I was at "Healey's Cyder Farm" I bought some Blackcurrant & Port Jam which had been made there. This is the jam I have used for this bakewell tart. Hope you enjoy the pictures and would love to know what you are baking on this exciting week :)

Monday, 17 October 2011

National baking week Fruit scones featuring Jamie Jones

Today I had my little helper in the kitchen with me my son Jamie 4 years old. Jamie loves to cook and he is actually really good at it. I weighed out the ingredients for him and after that he done it all himself I was left holding the camera for once :0. Jamie made lovely scones with raisins a recipe I would make everyday for the Swan's afternoon tea. We ate them warm with butter and homemade strawberry jam, they were very tasting. Well done my little master chef in the making. Hope you like the pictures. Thanks again for reading x

Make it Monday with Hannah's Buns! Belgium Buns

Well its Make it Monday with Hannah's Buns again, and its even more special this week as its National Baking week. So every day this week I will be putting something on my blog that I have made. I have never made Belgium buns before and for ages my partner has been going on at me to make him some. So I have finally got round to making them. They are very much like Chelsea buns but without the citrus peel and with add addition of icing on top and a cherry. This will be something I would love to make for my customers in my patisserie. Hope you like the pictures.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

National baking week!

OK everyone this week is National baking week so it gives people like me an even bigger excuse to spend more time baking in the kitchen. (Like I don't spend enough time in there lol) So every day this week I will be putting something on my blog that I have baked. So please let me know what you will be baking this week :) Thanks for reading

Chocolate meringue cupcakes and rolled fondant cupcakes

Well peeps more cupcakes for the salons this week. For Avant Garde I made chocolate meringue cupcakes which are delicious. I love to try making new things I haven't done before and these are definitely an indulgence worth trying. The others I covered with rolled fondant and made some sugar flowers to go on top. Hope you like them and thanks again for reading Hannah's Buns blog. Would love to hear from you if you have any ideas for cakes you would like me to make. Pastry chef signing out :)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hannah's Buns Carrot Cupcakes

Hello lovely people, I've had so much lovely feed back on my carrot cake. My head chef at The Swan thought they were great and everyone who has tried them agreed. So this is what I have done for A revoultion beauty salon this week. The cake is moist and goes really well with a cup of tea ( but then most cakes go well with a cup of tea. )  To be fair they are not the most prettest of cakes but with these its all in the taste and at the end of the day thats what we eat them for. Thanks for reading, Until next time :) Hannah's Buns

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Graduation Cupcakes

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from a lady in Cambridge she had seen my website and wanted something made for her friend who was going to graduate as a midwife. She said maybe cupcakes or cake pops and that she wanted me to come up with something. So I decided to make  cupcakes for her as I had a really good idea. I made her 20 cupcakes with mortar boards and scrolls on top and as the lady had graduated to be a midwife I made 20 beautiful babies to sit in the butter cream. I hope you like them as much as I do. To be honest its pretty sad saying goodbye to them they all are a little different in their own way and I think they are really cute :) Thanks for checking out my blog.