Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hannah's Buns Makes Playdough

Yes its true I made play dough! The children had been asking me since going to my sister's yesterday. She is always making different things with her children and she gave me the recipe for play dough and as it still involves cooking I gave it a go. Also It's half term and it's a great thing to keep the kids busy for a while :) It's really easy to make and a lot cheaper than going to the shops and buying it. I have shared the recipe with you guys in case you are taring your hair out by now not knowing what to do with your children this holiday :) Hope you like the pictures and give the recipe a go.

Play Dough recipe
1 cup Plain flour
1 cup Water
Half cup of salt
1 tbsp oil
1tbsp Cream of tartar

Mix all ingredients in a bowl with whisk so no lumps (Add food colour at this point)
Then place all in a pan on a medium heat until it all come together and drys out.
(Be careful not to burn the dough)
That's it all done.

Cover with cling film to stop drying out.

Hope you enjoy and most of all hope it helps entertain the children for a while :)

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