Monday, 31 October 2011

Make it Monday with Hannah's Buns Sea Salt.

Hi Guys, Make it Monday today is going to be Sea Salt. I have never made this before so as I was in Cornwall a few weeks ago I collected some sea water. I wasn't able to get much as my car boot would not allow it but some is better than none. I have heard it is easy to make and I will give you the instructions which is not much and I will show you my pictures tomorrow as it needs time to dry out. Thank for reading :)

Sea Salt

Collect Sea water (the cleaner the sea the better)
Pour into a pot through a cheesecloth.
Bring the pan to a boil and reduce the water till there is only a little left. (Don't boil till its dry as you might burn the salt and your pan)
Leave in a warm oven over night. Then your salt is ready to be used or you can add herbs and spices to it. Great as Christmas presents for keen cooks.

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