Monday, 10 October 2011

Make it Monday with Hannah's Buns! Chocolate & Vanilla Batternburg

Hey guys! Its that time again sorry there wasn't one last week but I was away on holiday. So chocolate and vanilla batternburg is what I've been making today. I've never made batternburg before and I decided to make a mini one. So here are the pictures and I have the recipe below for you to give it a go if you like. Thanks for reading good luck :)

For the Vanilla cake

125g Caster sugar
125g Butter
125g Self raising flour
2 eggs
1tsp Vanilla
1tbsp milk

For the Chocolate cake
125g sugar
125g butter
100g Self raising flour
25g cocoa powder
2 eggs
1tbsp Milk

1 pack of Marzipan

Cream the butter and sugar.
Add the eggs one at a time. (mixing well inbetween each)
Sift in the flour.
Then add the vanilla and milk.
Give a good stir then place in a seprate tin or half a large tin with parchment so the parchemnet comes up in the middle to seprate the cakes.
Then make the chocolate cake doing the same as with the vanilla but added the cocoa powder when you add the flour.
Cook the cakes in oven on 180'c for about 20 minutes check done with a skewer.
Once cakes have cooled on a wire rack. you need to trim off the edges and cut each cake in half.
So you should have four stips of cake 2 yellow and 2 brown.
Place buttercream on the side of the chocolate cake and stick one of the vanilla cakes to it.
Then spread buttercream on the top of those two cakes and put a vanilla strip on the
butterceamed  chocolate cake and chocolate cake on the vanilla buttercreamed one.
Then cover top and sides with buttercream.
Roll out marizpan to thickness of a pound coin.
Place the batternburg on top of marzpain and roll. Cut the ends off to make it neat. Then your done. 
Hope you enjoy i'm having mine with a cup of tea now :)

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