Tuesday, 24 January 2012

50th Birthday Cake

Well this cake was a bit tricky at first for me.  The lady who ordered the cake had said she would like a cake in the shape of 50.  This was fine I knew how to cut the the cake and cover it for this shape but she didn't know what she wanted on it. I asked the lady what she liked and she didn't really know so I suggested flowers and then she told me she liked animals. So I thought up an animal design and then when I spoke to her again she told me she liked tigger.  So I changed my idea and went for something bright and colourful I also wanted to put a few flowers on there and I wanted to make a tigger figure. So here it is! The tigger print is a light sponge cake and the yellow cake it a fruit cake covered with marzipan and rolled fondant. Hope you like the cakes x

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