Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hannah's Buns Show Piece

Hey peeps, This cake I've been wanting to make for ages but I just didn't have the time. So this Sunday I gave myself the day to get it done. I wanted a show piece for "Hannah's Buns" I wanted it to show me in the Kitchen doing what I do best "Cook" :) I made a 2 tier cake the bottom is sky blue with clouds and birds. I wanted it to represent Hannah's Buns up in the sky miles above the rest. This is my dream for my cakes to be out standing and the best around, from the taste to the finish look. I made a long plated loaf to go around the cake to show my love for baking bread. Then the top tier is bright pink to show my girlie side and having fun. The crown is to show my ambition to be the Queen of cakes and pastries. I have also made a kitchen on the top layer and me sitting down for a well deserved rest :) I hope you love it, I think this is my best cake yet. Thanks for reading x

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