Saturday, 14 January 2012

Raspberry cupcakes with White Chocolate Butter cream

I have to say I think these are the best tasting cakes I have ever made. Which really shocked me as I'm not normally keen on white chocolate but these cake not only look beautiful but they taste wonderful too. Of course the main thing with cakes is the taste because the reason you make them are to eat so its always my number one goal to get the taste perfect. I have found through my years of cooking that people eat with their eyes too, So of course they should look as good as possible. I think people are learning a bit more about my cakes. When I first started making cakes for the salons their customers didn't think they were real and I thought it was quite a nice comment about my cakes. Also many people that I have made cakes for have not wanted to eat them as they didn't want to spoil all my work but this would be a crime to any chef who just wants people to try and enjoy the food they have made. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my blog and remember you can find my details on my website if you would like to order any of my cakes and pastries.

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