Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sheep and pink pompom cake pops

I made a cake for a lady a couple of days ago you may have seen it on my blog the tigger cake.  She wanted some cake pops for some young girls at a youth club. So I came up with making some cute little sheep and pink glitter pompoms. Cake pops are pretty easy to make you make sponge cake whichever flavour you like. Then once its cooked and cooled you add some homemade butter cream to them enough to make balls with the sponge.  Then you leave in the fridge to harden a little. The next step is to melt the candy melts and dip the cake balls and the lolly pop sticks in to it. This I feel is the hardest bit in the process as some candy melts I have found don't always melt to the same consistency as they should. Then you just decorate them how to want. They are more time consuming than just a traditional cupcake but they are a bit of fun and something a little different. I hope you like mine and more things to come soon. Thank you for reading Hannah's Buns Blog x


  1. What type of icing did you use for the pom poms? Were they sturdy or did the points keep falling off?

  2. I used royal icing which stayed on pretty well untill you want to lay them down :) Hope that helps and thanks for your comment Hannah