Monday, 13 February 2012

Chicken Saute Chasseur

As we are drawing closer to the 14th I thought I would give you a great recipe to cook for your loved one, if you are planning to stay in and avoid the freezing temperatures. This dish originates from france and I thought it would be a great treat for valentines day its warm and easy to make even after a hard day at work. The dish is called Chicken saute chasseur which means hunters chicken. The chicken I have used is free range for I do believe it tastes better and having my own chickens makes me care more about how the animal is treated in the short life it has. I understand free range chicken is expective but I myself would rather eat chicken just once a week and know that it has had a good life and I think the quality is brillant.

Chicken saute chasseur

50g Butter

Salt & Pepper

1 Chicken

10g Shallots (Chopped)

100g Button Mushrooms (Sliced)

3 Tbsp Dry white wine

250ml Brown Stock

Tomato concassee (4 large fresh tomatoes)

Parsley & Tarragon (Chopped)
Chop your chicken into portions you should have drumsticks, thighs,the carcass, wings and breast. If your not comfotable in doing this you can always ask your butcher who will be happy to help.
Place the butter in a big hot pan and season the chicken portions
Then place into the pan in order above.
Cook till golden brown on on both sides.
Cover with a lid and cook in oven or on stove on a medium heat till tender.
While the chicken is cooking make your tomato concassee
Boil a pan of water and score the bottom of the tomatoes into a cross shape ( you just want to cut the skin)
Place the tomatoes into the boiling water for 15 seconds ( I find 1 elephant 2 elephant works for me)
Then place straight into ice cold water to cool.
Once cold peel away the skin and chop into small cubes discarding the seeds.
Once your chicken is cooked place in a suitable dish ( you can keep warm in the oven) and add the shallots to the pan the chicken was cooked in. Cook on a gentle heat with out colouring the shallots for 1-2 minutes.
Add the washed sliced mushrooms cover with lid and cook for 3-4 mintures do not colour. Drain off the fat.
Add the white wine and reduce it down by half, then add your brown stock and concassee and cook for 5 minutes.
Then pour over your chicken and sprikle with your fresh herbs. This can be served with buttery mashed potatoes or maybe steamed rice would be lovely.

There you have it a wonderful dish to serve up on Valentines day if you would like a dessert why not try one of my delicious chocolate heart cakes coverd with my mouth watering ganache glaze. Please visit my website for contact details and I will be happy to give you a quote.

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