Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hannah's Buns New Logo

Here it is guys my new Logo for Hannah's Buns Patisserie.  So exciting now I have my very own logo it feels more real that I have my  business up and running and my dreams of opening my shop seems closer than ever before. I know if might sound a bit silly but there really is nothing else I think about more than opening my own shop full of cakes and pastries. Apart from my children of course they will always be number one. I can just see it now, early morning starts me in the kitchen cooking away getting all the produce ready for the day ahead. People coming in for a morning coffee and a croissant. The rush of the lunch time crowd popping in for a quick take away before returning back to work. Then the afternoon arrives and in come the shoppers for a relaxing cup of tea and one of Hannah's Buns special cakes.  While this is all going on I'm in the kitchen preparing the spectacular cakes for weddings, birthdays and other occasions. Then the last people leave I clean up say goodbye to the staff shut shop ready for what tomorrow will bring. A big thank you to Amanda Barrett for designing my amazing logo.  Oh and by the way La petite Patissere means little pastry chef  :)

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