Friday, 30 March 2012

Walnut whip whoopie pies

These walnut whip whoopie pies were made for the lovely ladies down at A Revolution last week. The whoopie itself is made using buttermilk, walnuts and ground almonds. These whoopies were sandwiched better vanilla butter cream and on top I piped some chocolate butter cream and placed half a walnut in the middle.  If you would like to order some whoopie pies from Hannah's Buns please visit my site for details Thank you

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hannah's Buns in the oven

My partner came up with the title to this blog has nothing to do with me. I just wanted to tell you a little about my amazing new oven. I'd been renting a oven for years we just couldn't find the money to buy one as my partner loss his job a few years ago due to the recession we weren't in situation to buy. Happy to say now things are looking up my partner has trained as a carpenter and is working for himself :)

Anyway sorry back to my new amazing oven. About a month ago my dad called me and was asking me some strange questions down the phone about gas pipes etc and then told me he was out with my mum, yiayia, auntie and uncle and they had seen a wonderful cooker for me. So here's me thinking I really can't afford one right now why are you torturing me with this! Then he said OK coz we are going to buy it for you!My family have always been supportive of me and they know how hard I work and how passionate I am about cooking and my business and this I guess is a present to say well done and we are proud of you.  I was shocked and so excited but there is a but! I went to see the cooker which was in John Lewis it was lovely but really not big enough for what I needed with all my cooking and baking. So we decided to look else where and I found it! The oven of my dreams (Corney I know) but it really is. It took 4 men to carry the beast in,  my partner had to remove the front door and a few neighbours taking a peek we got it in. So now I can have the fun of playing with my new toy it has been a little tricky getting use to it as its very different to my old one. Here are some pictures below. I hope you like my new cooker and the amazing treats I am going to make with it!! :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

50th Birthday Cupcakes

These are a few chocolate and vanilla cupcakes I made for a ladies 50th Birthday. Really sweet story they were bought by a little boy with his pocket money for his aunties Birthday present. So cute,! Hope you like the design I went for colourful and fun with the little fat bumble bees and I love the bright spring colours. Hope you like them. If anyone has any ideas for me or would like to leave a comment about my blog that would be great. I love to get feedback as this is how we inprove in our skills Thanks Hannah x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Boofle Bear Cake

The Boofle bear cake well I can tell you this was a lovely cake to make.  Just a traditional birthday cake with jam butter cream and sponge, covered with rolled fondant. The bear I made from modelling paste and used my new roller tool to get the stitching look on the bear. To be honest he was quite a hard bear to make because I wanted to get him just right. I wasn't sure at first what I was going to put on or around the cake then I come up with the idea to make lots of flowers and put sugar paste buttons in the centre of them. Then I thought about making a collage around the board with flowers and I think it just finished off the cake well. I didn't want to put too much on the cake its self as I believe it would of spoilt the look. I hope you like my little bear and I have put a few more pictures below for you to see. Thank you for reading :) Hannah's Buns

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mothersday Cake pops and cupcakes

These cupcake and cake pops were ordered by a a lady who wanted to buy her mother for mothers day something a little different. She was going to be on holiday on Mothers day and ask if I would deliver the cake to her mother in Bury St Edmunds along with her card. I said yes of course I would and she told me what she would like me to put on the cakes. She wanted we love you so much mumma on the cupcakes and on the cake pops she wanted their initials and kisses. The mother was really pleased with them and she loved the cake pops and has ordered 130 of them for a tea party she is having for her 50th Birthday on the 1st April which is great. So here are the pictures and hope you are enjoying reading my blog. Thank you x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Transformer Cake

This cake I must say was one of the hardest cakes I have done so far.  A lady called me a month ago asking if I could do her a transformer cake for her sons birthday. I had a little think of what I could do and offered her two options. One was to make the cake into a flat  transformer or the second to make a cake and make a transformer figure on top of it. First the lady went for the first option then changed her mind and went for the second. So she sent a picture of her sons favourite transformer that he played with and I thought he looked a bit different than the ones I had seen in the films and luckily he looked a little bit easier to make. The figure took two nights to make, I wanted him to stand on the cake but because of his size and weight I couldn't get him to stand so I placed him on the cake sitting down. I sprayed my homemade vanilla sponge cake yellow.  I made some black lines on it so the cake looked like bumble bee and I printed out the transformer logo cut it out and used it as a stencil and made the logo out of sugar paste. Hope you like the cake, the lady was very pleased with it :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Kids cake pops

I have made a few different cake pops now and I'm really enjoying making them. They are such a unique cake and can be done in some many different ways. These cake pops I made for a lady in Subury it was to be her sons birthday and she wanted something to give the children in their party bags that were fun and tasted good. These do taste great the sponge is mixed with butter cream so you can mould it into shapes and dip it into candy melts which come in many colours for you to choose from. Here are some pirates and princess dresses and tiara I made hope you enjoy looking at them and the blog. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Chocolate and peanut butter whoopie pies

Here we go peeps some more whoopie pies for you to look at.  I'm really enjoying making these for the salon at the moment. There are so many different flavours you an make. Also my wonderful children bought me a new whoopie pie book for mothers day so I'm going to have a lot of fun trying out some new recipes. These whoopies are chocolate and they are filled with peanut butter butter cream.  To be honest with you I wasn't sure about the butter cream at first as I hadn't tried it before as a sweet but I was greatly surprised at how delicious it was and how it complimented the chocolate rather well. I covered them with a simple chocolate glaze and sprinkled half with crushed chocolate flakes and the other with caramelised salted nuts. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my blog and hope you enjoy my work. 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Thank you and Good bye cupcakes

These are some cupcakes I made after going to the womenta event.  A lady there asked me if I could make some for a member of her staff who was leaving.  So I made her four cupcakes using my lovely new cases which I think are really cool in black and white. I went for the same effect on the cupcakes using white and black I think they look elegant and clean.  I made chocolate and vanilla and on the chocolate cupcakes I piped peanut butter icing which is lovely you must try! Thanks for reading hope your enjoying my blog. Hannah's Buns

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Womenta Cupcakes

This week I attended a Womenta event which is aimed at women in business. It's a chance to meet other women in business and make contacts with them. I was very glad I went as they had a lady come to give a presentation a business women called Shaa Wasmund  she was amazing and gave us all her book to read, which I did as soon as I got home even though I had loads to do but I really couldn't put the book down. She is a very inspiring lady and I got a lot out of the event. I heard about the event from a lady I have met before and she asked me if I would make some cupcakes for the day and asked if I would also like to attend. I made them 36 cupcakes and they were all very impressed with them and many took my cards and told me they would be getting in contact with me for orders, so that's great. I made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and themed them around a spring garden hope you like and my favourite is the chunky bumble bee :) Thanks for reading x

Friday, 16 March 2012

4 Big Chocolate Cupcakes

I made these chocolate cupcakes for a young girl who was having a few friends round and her dad asked if I would make them some cupcakes with sprinkles and chocolate curls on top. I didn't want to just do the sprinkles because I like my cakes to be bespoke and a little different so made some flowers to go on top and sprinkled glitter dust in the middle of the flower as I thought the young girl would like a little sparkle. Lucky I was right and they were very happy with them. I love these cases  I bought them a few weeks ago from Cambridge and I think they are very elegant. Thanks for checking out my blog. Please find me on face book loads of pictures on there to look at. 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pink rose tea party

A good friend of mine and the owner of finishing touch interiors ask me quite a while ago to help her with a charity event she was to organise.  She was to hold a tea party to raise money for Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge.  Sarah wanted me to make some cakes and pastries to give to the guests with their tea and coffee.  The event was a great success and she raised over £500 for the hospital which is great. I made cupcakes, brownies, lemon and fruit tarts and carrot cake which Ive been told by many people its the best carrot cake they have ever tasted. Which pleases me so much I can't tell you. So here are some pictures I hope you enjoy looking at them and thank you for reading.  Hannah's Buns signing out! ;)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Gothic Castle cake

I had a big cake to make this week a Gothic castle cake.  The client I was making the cake for knew exacting wanted he wanted the cake to look like and I tried to do the best I could for him. It was to be his mothers 50th Birthday and he wanted a 2 tier cake in the shape of a castle.  I also printed out a picture of the son and mother together and put that on top of the castle. I made a few grave yards out of sugar paste and a skeleton layed out in the grounds.  The towers were made of cardboard and fondant and the tops were cones sprayed with silver edible spray.  A few more pictures to follow with a little more detail.  Thanks for reading

Monday, 12 March 2012

A sample of cakes

Just a few sample cakes I made for a lady this week We have vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream and a flake on top. Lemon meringue cupcakes one with American frosting the other with lemon butter cream and filled with home made lemon curd. The other cake is vanilla cupcake with American frosting and a flake.  The cake in the middle is a red velvet whoopie pie with marshmallow fluff butter cream.  My favourite ones were the lemon meringue with the homemade lemon curd and lemon butter cream. Thank you for reading! 

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Apple Pie whoopie biscuits with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Well I've had a very busy week here in the land of Hannah's Buns! There is always so much to do and I never seem to have enough time.  Sorry for the moaning to be honest I would rather be running around like a headless chicken then sitting down watching telly being bored out of my skull. So this week one of the sweet delights I have made is whoopie pie biscuits.  I made some last week for the ladies at A revolution and they seemed to like them so have ordered them again this week. I have gone for a different flavour maybe a little risky but I thought they tasted wonderful, just waiting to hear back from the salon. The flavour is apple pie and to get this flavour I made my own apple sauce and added it to the whoopie mix with some cinnamon and cloves.  The cream cheese frosting was made with butter, icing sugar cream cheese and cinnamon. I wanted to make these whoopies pretty so I covered some with colourful rolled fondant and made some flowers to match. Hope you like the pictures and my blog.  Also if you have time please vote for my business on the link below I am trying to get a grant to help build a new website the more votes I get the more chance I have of getting the grant. Thanks for reading and Happy Baking :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

More cupcake babies

I made some mini Christmas cakes for a lady just before Christmas and last week she asked if I could make some cupcakes for her this week. She liked the baby ones that I had made before and she asked if I could make them all boys. So here are my cute chunky cupcake babies these are the hardest cupcakes to part with because they are so cute. Thanks for reading few more photos below.