Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hannah's Buns in the oven

My partner came up with the title to this blog has nothing to do with me. I just wanted to tell you a little about my amazing new oven. I'd been renting a oven for years we just couldn't find the money to buy one as my partner loss his job a few years ago due to the recession we weren't in situation to buy. Happy to say now things are looking up my partner has trained as a carpenter and is working for himself :)

Anyway sorry back to my new amazing oven. About a month ago my dad called me and was asking me some strange questions down the phone about gas pipes etc and then told me he was out with my mum, yiayia, auntie and uncle and they had seen a wonderful cooker for me. So here's me thinking I really can't afford one right now why are you torturing me with this! Then he said OK coz we are going to buy it for you!My family have always been supportive of me and they know how hard I work and how passionate I am about cooking and my business and this I guess is a present to say well done and we are proud of you.  I was shocked and so excited but there is a but! I went to see the cooker which was in John Lewis it was lovely but really not big enough for what I needed with all my cooking and baking. So we decided to look else where and I found it! The oven of my dreams (Corney I know) but it really is. It took 4 men to carry the beast in,  my partner had to remove the front door and a few neighbours taking a peek we got it in. So now I can have the fun of playing with my new toy it has been a little tricky getting use to it as its very different to my old one. Here are some pictures below. I hope you like my new cooker and the amazing treats I am going to make with it!! :)

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