Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mothersday Cake pops and cupcakes

These cupcake and cake pops were ordered by a a lady who wanted to buy her mother for mothers day something a little different. She was going to be on holiday on Mothers day and ask if I would deliver the cake to her mother in Bury St Edmunds along with her card. I said yes of course I would and she told me what she would like me to put on the cakes. She wanted we love you so much mumma on the cupcakes and on the cake pops she wanted their initials and kisses. The mother was really pleased with them and she loved the cake pops and has ordered 130 of them for a tea party she is having for her 50th Birthday on the 1st April which is great. So here are the pictures and hope you are enjoying reading my blog. Thank you x

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