Thursday, 22 March 2012

Transformer Cake

This cake I must say was one of the hardest cakes I have done so far.  A lady called me a month ago asking if I could do her a transformer cake for her sons birthday. I had a little think of what I could do and offered her two options. One was to make the cake into a flat  transformer or the second to make a cake and make a transformer figure on top of it. First the lady went for the first option then changed her mind and went for the second. So she sent a picture of her sons favourite transformer that he played with and I thought he looked a bit different than the ones I had seen in the films and luckily he looked a little bit easier to make. The figure took two nights to make, I wanted him to stand on the cake but because of his size and weight I couldn't get him to stand so I placed him on the cake sitting down. I sprayed my homemade vanilla sponge cake yellow.  I made some black lines on it so the cake looked like bumble bee and I printed out the transformer logo cut it out and used it as a stencil and made the logo out of sugar paste. Hope you like the cake, the lady was very pleased with it :)