Sunday, 8 April 2012

Christening cake

This was a very special cake for me to make as the theme was all my own design.
The cake was for three children being Christened together a little girl and two boys. Their mother told me she wasn't really sure what she wanted and that maybe i could do a bible with the children's and god parents names on. So I came up with a design for it but also I came up with something else.

I wanted the cake to be individual to all the children so i asked the lady what the children liked and if they had any hobbies. She told me her oldest son loved horse riding and her younger son was a football fan. Her little girl was just a baby and something pink would be nice. So I thought i could make each child sitting on the tier and have the tier designed around the child.

This Tier I sprayed pink and made the little girl out of fondant so she's completely edible. I put her in a pink dress with a comfort blanket and teddy bear. I also made some building blocks and piped on the cake her name and the date of the christening.

The youngest boy I made attached to a lolly pop stick so I could have him coming out of the cake saving a goal. I piped a goal on the cake and made some sugar paste footballs around the cake. I also piped his name and piped some grass on the tier.

The oldest boy I sat him on his tier and made a horse riding hat and cut out more horses, boots and rosettes and stuck them to the cake. I hope you like my design and thank you for reading :)


  1. Another beautiful cake...this looks fab...the colours work really well together! :-)

  2. Thanks Laura I thought it was nice and different to a lot of other christening cakes :)