Thursday, 19 April 2012

Disaronno Cake

I was really excited about making this cake because I hadn't done one like this before and I had a little look on the web to see if anyone had made any so I could get some ideas and there wasn't any that I thought were that good. I have a edible printer so I was going to print the label out on that and stick it to the cake but sadly when I came to make the cake my printer decided not to work :( I made my cakes as close to delivery time as possible so I didn't have time to get the printer fixed before the cake was due so I had to make the label myself. The cake itself is almond with almond butter cream as this is what the customer asked for and i really liked the taste of the cake. I cut the cake to shape and made the lid out of sugar paste. I then covered with rolled fondant and painted the cake using my edible paints. I'm very happy with how the cake turned out hope you like it too! also on facebook :)

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