Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Me to you Bear cake

I am so proud of my bear I made for this cake.  I coloured rolled fondant grey and made a simple bear shape. I then made some royal icing and piped all around the bear to give it a fury look. The longest bit was the pipping but I think it looks so effective but I must say I did feel like chopping my arm off after though!  The great thing about this bear of course is it all edible which I love :) The cake was for a girl turning 21 and the mother wanted something plain and defiantly no pink or flowers! So I made the cake pale blue and do a few squares with stitches on like the me to you bear has on him. Hope you like my take on the me to you bear.


  1. The bear is really good, looks just like the real thing, hope she enjoyed the cake

  2. Thank you yeah she was very happy with it :)