Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rosie in the park

Rosie in park was based at Cambridge's Parker's piece.  To be honest it wasn't the best day the weather was cold and rainy so there was not much of a turn out.  I was not too happy with how many stalls were there either. It had about 15 stalls and 7 of them were selling food including cakes so it was hard to sell. 
I went for baby themed as it was to raise money for the Rosie part of Addenbrokes hospital.  I made baby chocolate cake pops and baby rattles in pink and blue.  Chocolate and vanilla whoopie pies with lemon and marshmallow frosting.  On these whoopie pies I made some sleeping babies and covered them in blankets.  I also made chocolate and peanut butter whoopie pies.
Also on the stall I had some Gingerbread men,  Lemon Macarons and vanilla baby cupcakes. I hope you like the pictures just a shame there wasn't a big turn out.

Whoopie babies

Baby and rattle cake pops

Gingerbread men

Lemon Macarons


  1. All your bakes look great! I'd love to have a stall somewhere! Shame about the weather though :-)

  2. Thanks Laura, yeah you never know with a stall how you will do. Also living England depends greatly on the weather as to how many people will venture out it in :)